Due to the pandemic, the shipping timeframe for your order may be extended by about 1 week, Please consider the timeliness of your stocking.

There are very few shipping methods available, our commonly used courier may have stopped or raised prices to the sky. We need to log in to the shipping agent's website in the middle of the night to place an order, otherwise the transportation order cannot be generated after reaching the daily limit.

We still bear the increased part of shipping cost and launch special products every week to help you and your buyers through this difficult period.

Nonetheless, due to the increased use of marine transportation in the transportation of medical supplies, I don’t think it will be worse than in the previous two months.

We have updated new products. You can purchase through the "quick purchase" above.

Thank you for your understanding and support, please pay attention to safety, try to avoid going to crowded places. Try to avoid gathering entertainment.


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