Dear customer

We've shipped an order to EU yesterday, we charged 250 USD but actually paid 670 USD to our freight agent.

But this last available shipping method stopped accepting shipping order today.

We are very sorry to inform you that due to the tight transportation resources around the world, we are temporarily unable to send your order. 

We estimate that there will be a turnaround within half a month. Although the shipping cost will still be at a very high level.

If you are in the United States, you can select Matson container shipping to transport your order when order over 100kg. please try to reduce the product types of your order to help us packing and declaration. 

You can find sea shipping + express on the checkout page when order over 100kg.

The shipping time of Matson is 22-30 days now. It might be faster than air shipping. 

Some of the packages that could not be shipped on time, we are looking for ways to send them out.





The world is still fighting the pandemic. Chinese companies making every effort to produce and transport medical supplies.

China had exported 3.86 billion masks, 37.52 million pieces of protective clothing, 2.41 million thermometers, and 16,000 breathing machines in one month. The total value is $ 1.45 billion.

Under the pandemic, life-saving first. We need to make way for the transportation of medical supplies. FedEx and UPS what we used before had stopped collecting packages over 3 kg. 

We will ship your order in 48 hours. Sorry but we have no idea when we will get the tracking number. I hope you can understand.

Compared with baby products, infant formula shortage will become a very serious problem. Since infant formula requires a global supply chain to produce, it has almost ceased production. Please remind your bottle feeding customers to prepare formula for more than 3 months. Children under 1 year old SHOULDN'T stop breast milk or formula. Otherwise it will cause severe malnutrition.


Notice of the impact of the international epidemic on shipment (Update everyday, Not translated, please use Google Translate)  Notice Here




We are in Wuhan, where the epidemic was first discovered.

We have almost completely controlled the epidemic. Before that, more than 3,000 people died because of the new coronavirus pneumonia, many people died in other disease because of insufficient medical resources.

We really care about your health, so I hope you can listen to us as we have experience in fighting virus.

The disease is spread by droplets. It is also spread by aerosol in where the virus density is high, such as hospitals. Therefore, if not necessary, do not go to the hospital to avoid infection.Our hands may touch the droplets inadvertently, if we rub our eyes or touch our mouths, we may also be infected. Therefore, please wash your hands frequently. Both hand sanitizer and soap will work.

This disease has a long incubation period. The patients has no symptoms during the incubation period but they can spread virus. Some people get infected but do not have any symptoms at all, they will also spread virus. Therefore, be sure to wear a protective mask to prevent the spread of droplets.

Official advices in some Countries say that they do not need to be worn, it probably because of insufficient stock of masks. This advise does not conform to the law of infectious diseases, and sooner or later the government will change it.

Some people think that only sick people need to wear a mask. I suggest you change this mind. Wearing a mask is the second way to cut off the transmission route and protect vulnerable people.

The best way is to stay at home.


Dear Customer

Since China has basically controlled the epidemic, as a city where the epidemic started, we have gradually begun to resume work.

From now on, we start accepting orders.

Due to the international epidemic, freight prices have skyrocketed and almost doubled.

We will cover the increased costs of freight for you to reduce your expenses.

Because the reduction in flights, the shipping time for transportation will also be delayed. Please adjust your inventory plan.

We fully agree with the concept of a community of shared future for mankind, and hope that we can unite and help each other through this major crisis.

We will launch cheap products to help mothers in financial difficulties to survive this economic crisis.


Cheap, fast and stable

Shipping weight based on weight and your location.


Safe & fast

180 Day full refund quality guarantee.


Directly to your customer

We can send the replacement to your customer directly if you need.

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